Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How To Reduce Bounce Rate - What The Web Wednesday - January 28 2014

Tips To Reduce The Bounce Rate On Your Blog / Website

What Does Bounce Rate Mean?

Bounce Rate is a term you may have heard of before but didn't quite understand it's meaning.  Think of it this way, you google something, you click the link that looks best suited for your inquiry, then you noticed it didn't pertain what you were looking for so you hit the back button. Basically you moved on without giving the website/blog a chance. Hence the term "TIME TO BOUNCE"

Google tracks the rate of this action on your site's analytics. The bounce rate is usually a very high average 70% or more, so your goal is to reduce that number, meaning that the viewer chose to stay on your website and/or blog because they found it of interest.


3 Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

These are a few ways I work on reducing the bounce rate
  1. Link to other posts on you site that relate to the topic
  2. Add the Linkwithin widget that shows thumbnails of some of your other posts at the bottom of the page and links to them.
  3. Embed a video. You can create your own vlogs, but if that is not your thing, head to YouTube and find a video that coicides with your subject and embed it into your post.

Have an idea on how to reduce your bounce rate? Leave it in the comments!

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Buy Dresses In January To Wear At Spring And Summer Weddings, Showers And Special Occasions

Those2Girls Show You How To Save When It Comes To Special Event Outfits

Do you know of a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, graduation, anniversary party or special event that you have coming up in 2015?  Now is the time to shop for that great dress or fantastic outfit to wear to it!

Hit The Sale Racks In January

Many stores stock up on New Year's Eve gowns and put them on sale in January.  Now it the time to search those clearance racks!  Most evening wear has short sleeves or is strapless which makes it wearable in the warm months as well.

Know The Tricks To Shopping For Spring And Summer Occasions

As mentioned above make sure to pick a short sleeve or strapless outfit but here are some other ideas
  1. Choose colourful pieces. Most don't wear a lot of black or brown at warm weather gatherings
  2. Not too much sparkle (unless it's for a black tie affair)
  3. Take note of hemlines, as you want to show off your great strappy shoes in warmer weather
  4. Try it on and test out all zippers, hooks, buttons and clasps. You won't be able to return it months down the road
  5. Make sure the outfit isn't too heavy. Think about what it will be like wearing it at an outdoor wedding or patio event
So whatever your plans our in 2015 you know you'll look great without breaking the bank!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What The Web Wednesday - December 31 2014

Kicking Off What The Web Wednesday

Starting today and hopefully continuing on the months to follow I plan to put up a WHAT THE WEB WEDNESDAY LINK UP on the last Wednesday of every month here on this blog. 

I'll post a Web How To and then post a link up at the bottom of the post where you can link up your "how to" as well.  Think of it as knowledge sharing, brain-storming and/or crowdsourcing information that could better your website/blog!
I thought I would kick things off by posting about how to participate!

How To Participate In A Link Up

For this link up there are just a few things to do

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Saturday, December 13, 2014


Snap Perfume Lets You Spritz In A Snap

Counter space in my bathroom is hard to come by. With the toothbrush, blow dryer, straightener and a gazillion hair products there isn't much room left for ornate shaped perfume bottles.  Thankfully @SnapPerfume came to my rescue by providing me with "pocket sized" perfume!  I'm not talking about those leaky sample bottles that you get.  I mean sleak stylish perfume designed to fit practically everywhere! Whether it's on a counter, in a purse or even the back pocket of your jeans, Snap Perfume is designed to fit it all! It allows you to spritz in a snap! Plus Snap Perfume is made out of environmental friendly materials and is 100% recyclable!

A Snapshot of Snap Perfume

Exclusively For Her

SNAP 1: Experience the fragrance of love when it is fresh and new! Designed to awaken the senses and release the spirit of sheer joy, Snap 1’s captivating fragrance for her is perfect when love and happiness is all that matters.
SNAP 7: Every woman wants to feel beautiful, so why not smell the part? Snap 7 for her is a modern exotic fragrance with a hint of mystery that unlocks the free spirit of romance, which every woman desires and deserves.
SNAP 88: Created for a woman who is enthusiastic and full of life, Snap 88 for her is an exciting yet delicate arrangement of harmonious scents that are alluring, sweet and playful.

Exclusively For Him

SNAP 1: Enjoy the fragrance of Snap #1 for him as this crisp sporty scent celebrates and compliments the spirit of masculinity, while rejuvenating the feeling of freshness throughout an active day.
SNAP 7: For the man who has everything, but desires a little bit more. Snap 7 for him defines sophistication and adds a touch of class for a man of ambition who dares to be different.
SNAP 88: From the boardroom to a night on the town. The charismatic scent of Snap 88 for him is perfect for a man with elite style and good taste, who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest.

and here is literally a snapshot of my Snap Perfume collection

With great price point Snap Perfume makes a great gift!  Be sure to head over to their Amazon page or Chatters Stores and grab one for you, for a friend, that special someone and anyone in your life that enjoys adding a little snap of scent to their life!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

LouLou Magazine Shop Series Recap

Fashion Forward At Farview Park

On our last post about the LouLou Shop Series we gave you Four Ways To Prepare For A Shopping Event.  Well we put those steps into action when we attended the 2014 LouLou Magazine Shop Series at Kitchener's Fairview Park Mall.
Was it any wonder that one of the first items I noticed was this?

Getting Glammed Up

  • LOULOU Closet, Runway and Trend Presentations (5:30pm and 7:00pm). ​Following each trends presentation there was a stylist competition where Liv Judd, shopping editor of LouLou Magazine chose 3 shoppers from the crowd to create their best Fall look from the LOULOU closet. They had 3 minutes to do so after which ​they presented their look to the audience and the winner was chosen by crowd applause.  There were a variety of trends for fall displayed and everyone had a giggle as the contestants ran around putting together the "look" they wanted to present.

  • Mini Makeovers by Hudson's Bay Estee Lauder. You had a choice of a "eye colour" application or a skin and foundation consultation.  Being a fair skin with freckles you can imagine the trouble I have with finding the correction foundation so I found the information provided very useful and the makeup application gave me an idea of how it should look.

  • Instant Updos and Polish Applications by Natural Solutions and Tonyc.  Diane's daughter opted for the hairdo while Diane and I went for manicures. As you can see our nails still looked great days later at the CNE

  • Started Shopping

    Now that we were armed with knowledge about the fall trends for 2014 it was time to hit the sales!  Lots of stores had great apparel and accessories on sale for the event so we got some great clothing deals! The still have a few more events happening
    The item I was most excited about was this jacket.
    If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed a pinned a similar jacket just days before! What made it even more special is that I got it on sale for $8.99

    So Much Swag!

    For partnering with LouLou Magazine Shop Series and Internal Media At Events on this post we were awarded some awesome swag! We weren't the only ones to get some great swag.  Shoppers who spent $200 or more during the event were given gift bags as well. If you missed out on the Kitchener event be sure to check the list of upcoming LouLou Shops events and get ready to shop!

    Tuesday, August 12, 2014

    The LouLou Shops Series Is Headed for Kitchener’s Fairview Park

    Getting Your LouLou On


    While most Canadian women are familiar with LouLou Magazine, their LouLouShop Series might need an intro to the Kitchener Waterloo area. Being attendees of a previous LouLou event we thought we would give you the lowdown.


    What to Expect At The LouLou Event at Fairview Park

    Wondering what to expect at the LouLou Shopping Series event on August 21 2014? To start with Fairview Park Mall in Kitchener is looking forward to hosting you and your gal pals!


    Their participating shops will have lots in store for you including

    • Event Only discounts
    • VIP treatments
    • Treats and more

    Plus LouLou Magazine will have their expert editors on hand to give you tips on the latest style trends.

    Need a bit more coaxing? Well the first 200 shoppers that spend $200 at the event on between 5pm-9pm on August 21 will receive a SWAG BAG! Learn more about the event happenings and swag in our upcoming posts about the event

    Pro Tip – Get in line early for the swag!

    See Just How Much Fun We Had

    When we attended a previous LouLouMagazine event in Toronto Ontario, we had so much fun.  We were given a map of the participating stores and made sure to visit every single one of them! We shopped, received swag, hopped in photo booths, we wined and dined a bit, got pampered and ended up at a Dragonette concert in a Roots store.


    Now I’m not saying any of this will take place at Fairview Park, but you never know unless you are there for the experience!

    Four Ways to Prepare For a Shopping Event

    1. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES – The last thing you want to experience is sore feet. Pop on your comfy shoes ensure you can make it through the shopping mall blister free
    2. PLAN YOUR ATTIRE – At these events dressing room areas can become very busy. It’s best to wear tank tops and thin shorts under your outfit so you can try on garments without getting in that fitting room line.
    3. CHARGE YOUR DEVICE – Chances are you will want to show off your style! Make sure your smartphone/tablet is fully charged so you can show your finds socially.
    4. BE PATIENT – Great deals can sometimes mean longer lineups at the checkout. Instead of being frustrated, strike up a conversation with others in line. Ask them about the deals they grabbed and learn how they found out about the event.

    Tell Us about Your Shopping Experiences

    Do you have any pro tips to share when it comes to shopping events? We would love to hear them! Do you prefer to shop on your own or do you bring a group with you? Have you started the “back to school” clothing purchases? What Fairview Park shops do you frequent? How do you “shop so you don’t drop” Post your comments below and we’ll be sure to tweet them out!

    Sunday, July 6, 2014

    When Do You Feel Beautiful?

    Empowering Women At #BeautyIsMe

    Last month we had the opportunity to attend the first #BeautyIsMe event hosted by She Speaks Hair. We were not sure what to expect. All we knew was that is was a charitable event for The Heart And Stroke Foundation with Beauty as it's theme.

    If you have read my post Find The Inner And Outer Beauty you know that I feel strongly about this subject and that we like to be involved in anything that Empowers Women to be their very best.

    When we arrived we were told we learn tips for hair, skin, nutrition, exercise and relaxation all in one afternoon. As you can see in the video below we did accomplish that

    Takeaweays From The Event

    • Beginner yoga is truly for everyone
    While we all lied there learning how to properly breath everyone was able to do it at their own pace and if you had yoga experience before you learned how to increase your yoga workout.  It was great lesson in relaxation and being present. 

    • How NOT to damage your hair
    We spend so much time doing our hair, a lot of the time we are shooting ourselves in the foot.  Instead of using a gazillion products, choose just a few that don't have fillers.  They are more concentrated so you will use less and get the full benefit from the product. Also something I need to stop doing is going to bed with wet hair.  In may be convenient but it increases the chance of split ends and hair breakage.

    • Put your best face forward
    We learned a lot of time savers when it came to skin care and makeup application.  Natural glow comes for healthy skin, but for extra oomph use a highlighter makeup to contour your face.

    • Healthy eating can be a skin care regime
    Eating foods high in antioxidants and healthly fats are not only good for your body, they can be used on your body. Being the Food Revolution KW Ambassadors we were pleased to learn you can create facial treatements and skin care masks using berries, avocados and more nutrient rich foods.

    • Cheer Up
    Choosing a Cheer Body workout gives you a great cardio workout but also increases self esteem.  Taught by a former cheerlearder from the Toronto Argonauts, the workout improves the way you move and the way you feel about yourself!

    oh and there was healty nibbles and swag to be had...

    We really enjoyed ourselves at this first #BeautyIsMeEvent and look forward to the one next season.  If you want to be in the loop about their seasonal events be sure to join the She Speaks Hair Mailing List (the link can be found in the right sidebar of the page).

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